Bombaylives Weekly Newsletter #5

MMTC, Central Bank , Pop-It Fidget

Happy Dusshera to everyone.

As discussed in the previous newsletter Nifty is inching towards 18400 and maybe even beyond to 18750 level with 18100 as stops

  • Nifty

On the other hand Bank Nifty seems to have got its Mojo and gave super move on Thursday last hour, It looks good for 40k +

  • Bank Nifty

  • Some updates on the Stocks that were discussed and shared.

  • Stocks of the Week

Central Bank CMP 23, stops 17

MMTC CMP 47, stops 39

  • Some interesting Reads and Tweets

  • "If you’re always worried about the future value of your money, it becomes much harder to enjoy the present value of your time."

Enjoy your time on this earth. It's a short one. So, focus on your health and relationships, instead of only making money. - Gautam Baid

  • Would you have invested in a scam era of in Harshad Mehta times, Well most people didn’t touch or trust Mutual Fund

Nippon India Growth Fund formerly Reliance Growth Fund - 21700% over 25 years.. keeping it simple

As a Trader ensure that you market your gains in long term assets, who knows small investments might be bigger than your Trading Gains.

  • Billions to Peaky Blinders - Damian Lewis & Helen McRory reading poems to each other.

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