Bombaylives Weekly Newsletter #4

KEC, Prince Pipes, Dhan and Fin-Fun

  • Nifty has taken out 17870 levels and is now looking good for 18200-18400 levels

  • Banknifty is still undecided, probably the 4th or 5th attempt for 40,000

  • Some updates on the Stocks that were discussed and shared.

  • Stocks of the Week

KEC CMP 463, Stops 430

Prince Pipes, Its a continuation buy 749 CMP , Stops 699

Some interesting Reads and Tweets

  • Awesome finish to Season 5, Looking forward to Season 6 of Billions with Muffy and Dollar Bill tag team.

  • Samarth has shared the insights of Safal Niveshak interview with Samit Vartak really consicse and succintly

  • 10-15 Mins Pranayam for every Trader before market opens

1. भस्त्रिका

2. कपालभाती

3. अनुलोम विलोम

4. भ्रामरी

5. उदगीत ( ॐ का उच्चारण )

Then Meditation .

  1. Bhastrika : deep breaths

  2. Anulom vilom : left right breaths alternate

  3. Kapalbhati : exhaling breath

  4. Bhramri : deep breaths closing ear,eye n finger on forehead

  5. Udhgeeth : deep breaths exhaling with long OM via mouth

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