Weekly Newsletter #2

Some P&F Trades, Some Learnings, Some Fin-Fun

Trade Update

Hope you took the KEI trade shared on 4th Sep its moved well 25% so far, Its a long term investment.

Nifty Update

Counts for 17900 and beyond are open, anything below 17700 level can be a short term reversal.

Stocks of the Week

Ratnamani - CMP 2186, Stops 2099

Nesco CMP 610, Stops 570

Maro’ is the key to a happy and abundant life

Investor known as 'Warren Buffett of Japan': The No. 1 key to success and wealth in life (cnbc.com)

Super Offers & Deals for Traders.

E-DechNoce 2021 - Totally Free, Some awesome speakers

Sensibull Pro Plan - 2 months extra + extra 3k savings

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